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TOBACCO CESSATION COUNTY RESOURCES: Athens County: O’leness Health System in Athens is offering smoking cessation classes to assist those who are

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Five apps to help you quit smoking on World Anti-Tobacco Day: there still seems to be hope as new applications aiding the process of quitting are beginning to come up on various platforms. Quit Smoking by Azati This quit smoking app acts as a widget on your home screen.

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Quit Apps Quit App. Take practical support, encouragement and advice with you wherever you go. The Quit Smoking App is always in your pocket, helping you through each stage of the quit process.

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This application allows a user to enlist the help of friends and family in their attempts to quit smoking. It traces your quitting efforts and uses content from evidence-based research from the U.S coupled with the innovative concept make this a very interesting quitsmoking app.

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These iPhone apps employ everything from scare tactics to research studies to hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking.

Although weight concern is a serious obstacle to quitting smoking, particularly for women, it is not clear how best to address these concerns in the context of smoking cessation. The authors conclude that a more logical approach may be to

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Today, there are apps to help you manage the psychological hurdles of quitting through positive reinforcement and tools to manage the weaning process.

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TOA O ESSATION OUNTY RESOUR ES: Athens ounty: O’leness Health System in Athens is offering smoking cessation classes to assist those who are

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You can also set yourself a target — by quitting smoking, you are allowing yourself to save up for a reward of your choice. It could be anything: a new watch, there's a brand new quit smoking app for iPhone. It's called "Quit Pro" and basically helps you track all your cigarettes or

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CTA Wayne Holland with original artwork he has painted since quitting smoking CHOICES NEWSLETTER Page 3 Quitting Smoking By: Wayne Holland I gave up the cigarette, Meditation App to Cessation Smoking. It plays timed meditation music and mindfulness practices. I have listed 10 apps but

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Quitting smoking can be hard, ut there are ways to make it easier. Using quitsmoking medicines and counseling support can make you more than twice as likely www.livestrong.com/quitsmokingapp/ Websites with helpful quit smoking information:

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The renowned hypnotherapist's anti-smoking app is aimed at helping addicts penetrate the inner depths of their subconscious, Just open the app, and let Kirsten talk you through the quitting process with his arsenal of mantras. At $7.99, it's on the pricey end of the spectrum